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The Mommyshaper

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As a company founded by two mothers who treasure our kids more than anything in this world, we know how much of a struggle it can be to work your body back to the way it was pre-pregnancy. That's why we created the MommyShaper - a waist trainer specially designed for proud moms (like us!) who try to balance all the crazy responsibilities of caring for our children yet trying to staying healthy and fit at the same time. The MommyShaper helped us both dramatically reduce the stubborn fat we had put on, doubled the results we saw from working out, and over the course of a couple of months, our bodies returned to the shape they were before having kids. (Thank God!)


Visibly Reduced Waistline of
1-4 inches


Firmed & Flattened Midsection

Posture Improvement & Alignment

Increased Thermal Activity &
Core Perspiration

The MommyShaper is a revolutionary waist trainer made with state-of-the-art technology:

  • Your body will instantly conform to the shape of the MommyShaper
  • After 3-4 weeks, your body will be visibly tighter and toner as you are amazed by the results
  • It aligns your posture and completely changes the shape of your body back to how it naturally should be
  • You will see the results of working out in half the time, as your abs and glutes will work overtime while wearing the MommyShaper
  • Thousands of women have made the transformation. Join the movement!  


    Lilly H., 28, Proud New Mom of 7 mo. Baby Boy 

    "All of my friends have commented on my results, begging me for my secrets, and now wanting to go invest in a MommyShaper too! They think I look amazing and I've been told that it doesn't look like I've ever had a baby. To be honest, I haven't felt this confident in my body in years.

    Yuliza W., 33, Account Coordinator Macy's and Mother of 2 (4 year old girl, 2 year old boy)

    "When I looked in the mirror, I instantly fell in love! It looked absolutely amazing underneath dresses and made my waist look so much smaller. With work and my kids, I barely have time to work out, so I wanted my workouts to be as effective as possible. Wearing the MommyShaper completely revolutionized my workouts - I was sweating profusely from my back and midsection, and it felt like my entire body was working harder than it ever has before! I am most definitely going to continue to using this as I workout."

    Molly Q., 34, Small Business Owner and Mother of a 3 year old Boy

    "I've faced many challenges with weight loss! Tried various diets and nothing worked! I like to see fast changes like anyone else. I couldn't believe how fast and dramatic you were able to notice a difference. You really go down 2-3 sizes! My stomach was flatter and my waist was smaller. The moment you put on, you become obsessed!



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